COVID-19 is an infectious disease first discovered in 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has deemed this an international health pandemic. Most of the public will recover, others with need medical intervention and therapies. Those most at risk is those with medical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, blooddiseases, circulatory disease which concerns the nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory disease (breathing).

The most common symptoms of covid (coronavirus) arerespiratory illness (breathing difficulties), headaches, flu like symptoms, coughs, aches and pains, extreme tiredness, however, this will vary from person to person. If you do experience any symptoms, contactyour doctor or your local walk-in clinic or call NHS on 111.

Immediately life-threatening call 999.
Eureka Enterprise ensures that our staff is vaccinated from the outset before engagement in work, to protect them from developingserious health challenges. The risk of COVID concerns everyone it is our due diligence to protect our staff and everyone they interact with.

At Eureka Enterprise
It is our duty to safeguard our staff safe and that is why our staff is;

  1. Immunised
  2. If any staff does contract a positive covid result,the quarantine rules are that he/she/they will isolate and take PCR tests locally 10 days from the time he/she/they had a positive result. It is imperative that we avoid contact with staff, colleagues mental and clinically vulnerable residents both in homes and hospitals. Those staff members that have worked within distance of the person who contracted positive result of COVID will also have a test and we await a negative test as per the government guidelines. As part of continued professional practice our staff still takes the PCR test and follow the lateral flow tests even if the results is negative.
  3. 3. We follow strict infection control and PPE, this includes good hygiene, face covering and cleaning in the workplace


Eureka – Enterprise has made it mandatory that we reduce the contact between staff, and we go a step further by booking specific teams to specific homes to limit the movement from one care home to another.

Until the government guidelines are enforced on 11th November 2021, we have integrated these measures as part of our duty of care to make sure that anyone in our staff members household or part of their circle that has had symptoms to be tested and the staff member must isolate for 10 days if there is a positive result.


From the 11th November 2021 the government has made it mandatory that those who work as care workers or visiting a care home must be fully immunised, unless they have a valid exemption with medical and clinical validation.


Further information below can be found on the governments ( website

Key dates to bear in mind are:

  • 11 November (regulations come into force)

For further information read

Vaccinations for NHS staff entering care homes

Vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance

Timeline for implementation